Maintenance for sub-stations up to 550kV

Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance service

  • SF6 gas-insulated, vacuum-operated circuit-breakers;
  • Disconnect switches;
  • TC's | TP's | Lightning rods;
  • Conductor Cable;
  • Thermovision and ultrasound;
  • SF6 Leak detection and repair;
  • SPDA and ground loop, with high frequency terrometer, for testing in operation;
  • General inspection and cleaning of insulation and cabinets;
  • Commissioning.

Transformers Maintenance

Assembly, maintenance and electrical testing service in general.

  • Assembly and electrical testing;
  • Active part Filling, treatment, regeneration and drying;
  • Leak removal and painting in general;
  • Accessories supply
  • Insulating fluids collection and analysis;
  • Continuous monitoring of gases and humidity.


Flushing in gearbox, General maintenance.

  • Operation;
  • Substation maintenance;
  • Transformer maintenance;
  • Supervision and commissioning;
  • Cable fault detection (Reflectometer);
  • Cable repair;
  • Wind turbine gearbox oil flushing and filtration;
  • MV switchgear maintenance and repair (SF6, Vaccum);
  • Thermovision and ultrasound.


Specialized in conducting all types of insulating fluids analysis.

Specialized in physico-chemical and chromatographic analysis. Special testing such as: furans and PCB analysis and DBDS.

  • The physico-chemical analysis indicates the aging state, performance characteristics and contamination of the insulating oil;
  • The analysis by gas chromatography allows to identify the occurrence of defects and / or failures associated with the dielectric materials involved, thus allowing to determine the conditions of operation of the equipment as well as to monitor them still in the acceptance stage, both in the factory and in the field.

Cable fault detection

Reflectometer, hipot, seam / muffle equipment

  • Ground fault location;
  • Leakage Current Tests with applied voltage;
  • Making Wires and Muff Pieces.


SF6 leak Removal, repair and and general maintenance.

  • General inspection;
  • SF6 gas leak detection, repair and supply;
  • Welding in general;
  • Painting;
  • Accesory supply;
  • Electrical testing;
  • Commissioning, Moving, replacing and installing.